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August 2008 - Take a Recess from the Recession

You can’t listen to the news today without hearing talk of recession. You can’t pass a gas station without seeing the price of fuel up another few cents. Every time you pick up a newspaper you read about the mortgage industry crises. Wow! All that could get a person down. But what about the promise offered by the Master Teacher Jesus: “Observe the ravens; for they do not sow or reap and they have no storerooms and barns; and yet God feeds them . . . Do not be afraid, oh little flock; for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom.” This month, we will build on this promise and take a permanent recess from the recession. In fact, we will use the appearance of a slowing economy as an impetus for expanding our consciousness of good.

Talk 1 – The Ten “Demandmants” of Abundance (Part I)
You may think there is a typographical error in this talk title, but there isn’t. The word really is “demandments,” because there are ten states of consciousness that are demanded of us if we want to be immune from the effects of a slowing economy. Today, we will explore the first five.

Talk 2 – The Ten “Demandments” of Abundance (Part II)
This week we look at the second half of the Ten “Demandments” for taking a permanent recess from the recession.

Talk 3 – The Father’s Good Pleasure

Do you really believe it is “The Father’s Good Pleasure to give you the kingdom?” Our beliefs around this statement may be affected by our relationships with our human fathers as well as our religious upbringing. Today be prepared to release old believes and step into a new relationship with the Gifts of the Father!

Talk 4 – Abun-DANCE
As we move through life, we are always involved in a Divine Dance. Today, we will do the Divine Dance known as the “Abun-DANCE” with an eye toward creating a life of abundance, regardless of the outer circumstances.

Talk 5 - Let Down Your Net
Today, we conclude the monthly theme of Taking a Recess from Recession by going deep and even deeper into all we have experienced this month, including the Ten Demandments of Abundance. How do we do that? By letting down our nets.