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September 2008 – Interesting Conversations

Sitting around the living room engaged in deep conversation with friends and loved ones is always an enriching experience. We often walk away from those encounters feeling more connected, having learned something new and happy for the pleasant time we have shared. This month, we will gather each week not in our living rooms but in our Sanctuary to share in interesting and deep conversations.

Talk 1 - Can We Talk?
[MINISTER’s NOTE: This Sunday’s format is something I do once a year and is really terrific – but I was terrified the first time I did it thinking I wouldn’t know what to say. I did it anyway, and it turned out just fine. The congregation really benefited from it, and I had fun. If you have never done it before, take some counsel from the 4th week of August’s sermon: Pay Attention, Expect the Best and Take the First Step! You’ll do great!]

To begin our conversations this month, we want to hear from you. When you arrive in church this morning, you will be invited to write down a question, challenge or issue that you would like to have addressed. All of your submissions will be placed in a basket from which Rev. _________ will draw to craft today’s message on the spot around issues you want to talk about.

Talk 2 - What Would Ernest Say?
In 1935, the Institute of Religious Science published a little book entitled Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind, which is a compilation of questions asked of and answers from our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes. Today, we will look at some “difficult” questions, and see what Ernest had to say. Oh, and you can be sure Rev. _____ will add his/her two cents as well!

Talk 3 - Pray Without Ceasing
It has often been said that “prayer is talking to God; meditation is listening.” Today we will explore this idea of talking to God in prayer. But to whom are we REALLY talking? And do we need to do more than just talk? We’ll gather today to talk about that.

Talk 4 - A Conversation with God
Contrary to what the title might imply, we will not focus on Neal Donald Walsh’s book, Conversations with God this morning. Rather, we will gather to have a real conversation with God! Come be surprised and delighted at what you experience.