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November 2008 Theme – Mind Your Ps and Qs!

Monthly Affirmation: Today, I open my eyes to see God’s Good, I open my heart to feel God’s Joy and I open my mind to know who I really am!

Our parents may have said this to us when we misbehaved as children, but during the month of November at ______, the phrase “minding our Ps and Qs” will take on a different meaning. When we are mindful to Practice Prayer, to Pursue Play, to Quicken our Divine Potential, to Power our Positive Thinking and to Possess a Grateful Presence, we have the formula for creating a life well lived.

Talk 1 – Practicing Prayer
A life built on prayer is a life built on a strong foundation. Today, we will explore making the practice of prayer, all forms of prayer, a cornerstone of life.

Talk 2 – Pursuing Play
A life well lived must be a life lived in balance, and pursuing play is an important part of that balance. On this day, we will look at play as a spiritual practice.

Talk 3 – Quickening Our Divine Potential

Today we take a look at practices and attitudes that quicken our Divine Potential, enabling us to be all that we came to this life to be.

Talk 4 – Powering Our Positive Thinking
As Religious Scientists, we are aware of the power of positive thinking, but do we really power up our thinking as much as we could? Today, we will give a jumpstart to the kind of thinking that will move us forward in achieving our dreams and goals.

Talk 5 – Possessing a Grateful Presence
We bring our month to a close and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by realizing we have so much for which to be grateful – even more than you might think!