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February 2009 Theme: Are You Ready?

We come together this month to answer the question, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to receive God’s highest blessings? Are you ready to experience deep and profound love? Are you ready to live from a higher level of beingness? Are you ready to be a transformative light in the world? If you are ready for all of this (and more!), be sure to be with us each and every week.

Talk 1 - Are You Ready to Get in the Game?
On this Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll explore what it takes to get in the game of life. Just like the players in today’s football game, to get in the game of life, you’ve got to suit up, know the rules and the plays, and be willing to practice, practice, practice.

Talk 2 - Are You Ready to Fan the Flame?
In this interactive service, you will learn a simple, yet profound, process for igniting the flame of God within you.

Talk 3 - Are You Ready to be the World’s Greatest Lover?
Today, the day after Valentine’s Day, we will see how each of us can use love to heal, uplift and empower ourselves and others.

Talk 4 - Are You Ready to Sign on the Dotted Line?
We sign on the dotted line when we commit to buying a house, to purchasing a car, to getting married, and to experiencing a host of other things we desire. This morning, we will make such a commitment to our spiritual unfoldment.