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January 2010 – Becoming Awake, Aware, Available and Aligned

At the core of our Science of Mind/New Thought teachings are these Truths: At any moment, we can become awake to our own Divinity. In the blink of an eye, we can become aware of God’s Presence in our lives. With each breath, we can become available to the Power of God working through and as us. And in a heartbeat, we can align with Infinite Good. This month, as we return to Science of Mind/New Thought basics, we will explore becoming more awake, aware, available and aligned.

Talk 1 – Awakening to the True Self
Awakening to our True Selves requires the ego to step aside so that our Divinity can shine forth. In this highly practical and enlightening service, we will invite the ego to take its proper place!

Talk 2 – Creating an Expanded Awareness
Are we consciously aware of God’s Presence in our lives or are we on autopilot, moving through life with blinders on? In this service, we will look at how we might become more aware as we create an “oh, how usual!” attitude.

Talk 3 – Becoming Available
God’s Power of creation is constantly at work in us and through us. Our work is to become available to work in harmony with it, so that we consciously, rather than unconsciously, create our lives. Today, we become available.

Talk 4 – Aligning with Infinite Good
“Before they call, I will answer” is the promise God makes to us in the Scripture. This statement is a promise that all the answers we could ever need, all the good we could ever want, all the joy we could every desire, all the dreams we could ever wish to experience – all of this is already provided to us. Our job is simply to align with it.

Talk 5 – Now What!?
We have become more awake, aware, available and aligned -- now what!? In this final Sunday, we will put it all together and apply being awake, aware, available and aligned to the experience of activating our dreams.