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February 2010 – The Circle of Life

This thing called Life is an evolving, infinite circle – ever expanding, ever transcending and ever growing. Or, in the words of Science of Mind founder Dr. Ernest Holmes, “The spiral of life is upward.” Contained within this Circle of Life is a continual series of beginnings and endings, of openings and closings, of hellos and good-byes, of births and deaths. This month, with the help of the animated movie The Lion King, we explore the various places in this infinite circle and call each and every one of them good. [Minister’s Note: Schedule a movie night and show The Lion King to either introduce this series or close it up.]

Talk 1 – Finding Our Place
Our service today centers on the power and the peace that come when we each find our place in the Circle of Life.

Talk 2 – Roaring Into Our Greatness
Today we continue last week’s theme of “Finding Our Place” by exploring what it takes to roar into our greatness. Come prepared to be transcended to a life lived on purpose where your highest potential is expressed.

Talk 3 – And It Came to Pass
When we are in the downward arc of the Circle of Life, it can look dark and scary. It may even feel as if we will be there forever. This morning, we will get a new perspective of this place on the infinite circle by finding the blessings it has to offer and by realizing it did not come to stay – in fact, it came to pass.

Talk 4 – What’s Karma Got To Do With It?
In the eastern traditions, it’s called Karma. In Religious Science, it’s called the Law of Cause and Effect. How does this concept impact our experience in the Circle of Life? Today, we find out.