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March 2010 - “Through Me”

In The Science of Mind textbook at page 141 and at numerous other places, Dr. Ernest Holmes states, “The Spirit can do for us only what It can do through us.” “Through Me” is the third stage of spiritual awakening after “Why Me” and “By Me.” This month, in a variety of ways, we will experience living from a “Through Me” consciousness.

Talk 1 - When I Can’t, God Can!

When we are in fear and doubt, uncertainty and pain, when we can’t figure it out, God can! Turn it over, release it. Let God’s Infinite Intelligence and Divine Harmony -- working through you -- handle it.

Talk 2 - EMPOWERING the Divine Pattern
The Divine Pattern IS within. There is a divine pattern at the heart of all. Through our attention, words and energy we either empower or disempower that pattern. Each day, we get to choose that which we will build. What will it be today?

Talk 3 - Are You a Secret Agent?
If you were arrested for being a Religious Scientist/New Thought follower, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Today, we focus on allowing Spirit to express THROUGH us by living the principles we teach and by being willing to share them with the world.

Talk 4 – Palm Sunday, Sacred Gardening
Using the rose garden as a metaphor, we will till the soil and plant seeds of an expanded awareness of infinite possibilities for ourselves and for our world. As part of this service, we will conduct our Rose Blessing Ceremony in which anyone who desires will receive a personal blessing.