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April 2010 - April Showers

It may or may not rain in April, but this month we will turn our attention to the showers of blessings that are always pouring down upon us, through us, from us and back to us if we but open our hearts to experience them. The month will begin with the blessing of our Easter celebration and we will let the month unfold as the blessings abound.

Talk 1 – From Death to Divine Awakening
The concept of death can come to us in many forms -- Death of the physical body, death of a relationship, death of a job, death of a 401K, death of a dream. On this Easter Sunday, we will look at the profound role death can play in pouring forth the blessings of our Divine Awakening.

Talk 2 - Blessed Relationships
What if we built bridges instead of wall? What if we formed circles instead of climbed the ladder? What if we committed to building each other up instead of tearing each other down? What kind of word would we have then? One in which we, and everyone, felt blessed -- that’s for sure!

Talk 3 - The Ancient Secret to Happy Living
Blessing a thing has been called the “ancient secret for happy living,” which, if you make a habit of it, can transform your life. Today, we will deepen into the idea of sending forth blessings to everything and everyone!

Talk 4 - From the Basement to the Penthouse
Where does your consciousness live? In the basement or in the penthouse? Through love, conscious choice and the holy act of blessing, you can move from the basement to the penthouse and experience the breathtaking view of life from on high.

[Monthly Congregational Song Suggestion: Showers of Blessing]