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May 2010 - Ancient Teachings for Today

In today’s modern world, with its fast-paced scientific discoveries and technological advances, we might wonder whether sacred, ancient teachings have any relevance for us. In fact, they have a great deal of relevance and can help ground us in Spiritual Truth and Reality when the world seems to be spinning around us. This month, we will explore the ancient teachings offered to Moses on Mt. Sinai, which we have come to know as the Ten Commandments.

Talk 1 - Breaking Free and Soaring High

After exploring the true intention behind the ten “commandments,” today we will examine the first two and discover their depth of meaning, which allows us to break free of unfulfilling paths and habits and sour high with the knowledge that God is our refuge and our strength.

Talk 2 - Creating Joy
As we look at commandments 3 and 4, we will reawaken to the sacredness of our relationship with God and the power of spiritual renewal to create joy in our lives.

Talk 3 - It’s a Matter of Honor
Commandments 5 and 6 offer profound counsel for honoring all life.

Talk 4 - Reaching for Higher Ground
When we live in integrity in all ways, we are living in alignment with spiritual law. Commandments 7 and 8 both speak to a life lived in integrity.

Talk 5 - Divine Contentment
As we conclude our exploration of the deeper meaning of the ten commandments, the final two offer us ways to move into Divine Contentment.