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July 2010 - Consciousness Never Takes a Vacation

Summer is in full swing and vacations are underway. When you take your well-earned break this summer, here’s something to consider: Your consciousness never takes a vacation. In fact, wherever you go, your consciousness goes ahead of you, preparing the way, determining exactly what your experience shall be. So, during the month of July, be sure to be with us each week to deepen your God-based consciousness -- unless, of course, you’re on vacation!

Talk 1 – Traveling the Freedom Highway

You were born with the God-given right to freely pursue life, liberty and happiness – and so was everyone else. So what happens when our rights and those same rights of others seem to be at cross-purposes? Join us today as we explore how to expand into a consciousness that empowers ourselves and others to live in harmony and joy.

Talk 2 - Packing and Unpacking Your Spiritual Bags
You pack your bags in preparation for a vacation. But if you don’t unpack them once you arrive at your destination, all that packing does no good. So is it with our spiritual tools. Learning about them is like packing your spiritual bags. Unpacking them comes when you live from them 24/7!

Talk 3 - Are You Being God’s Way or Are You In God’s Way?
Have you ever been driving to your vacation destination and encountered a roadblock? It may have delayed you for minutes, perhaps for hours. Perhaps, you even had to take a detour to continue on your trip. We build roadblocks in our consciousness all the time. So this morning’s question will be: Are you allowing the fullness of God to express through you or have you erected a road block? In this service, you will have an opportunity to take a personal inventory and determine whether you are being God’s way or in God’s way.

Talk 4 – Stay the Course of Light
Using a familiar Biblical story as a metaphor of our journey through life, we bring our month to a close, knowing that the consciousness of persistently keeping our eyes on God is the consciousness that will bring forth our highest good.