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August 2010 - Words of the Wise

In Religious Science/New Thought, we are so very fortunate to have a teaching that was not only developed by deep and mystical thinkers such as Ernest Holmes and the Fillmores, but was founded on the ideas of the deep and mystical thinkers of the ages. During the month of August, we will explore some of their ideas – and Rev. ____________ will add her/his own two cents worth as well! Join us each week as we explore the Words of the Wise.

Talk 1 – The Wisdom of Being
We have a phrase in New Thought/Religious Science to describe who we are, which usually has a profound impact on us the first time we hear it -- and then we quickly forget it! It is: We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. We were spiritual beings before we entered this earth plane, and we will be spiritual beings after it is over. The human experience is truly secondary, and the quality of the human experience is directly related to how often we remember to come from our place of “Spiritual Beingness.” Today, we remember.

Talk 2 – The Wisdom of Knowing
A very wise man once said: “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” He did not say: “Ye shall have a strong belief in the Truth” NOR “Ye shall hope you know the Truth” NOR “Ye shall pray to God that the Truth will set you free.” No, he very clearly and quite emphatically said: “Ye shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!” Today we look at: What is knowing, what knowing will set us free and, finally, how can we know?

Talk 3 – The Wisdom of Healing
One of the great messages of the New Thought/Religious Science movement is that you can be healed. Ernest Holmes once wrote: “We believe in the healing of the sick through the power of this mind.” Today, will look at the wisdom of Healing and how the power of this mind can work through us to return us to our inherent wholeness.

Talk 4 – The Wisdom of Succeeding
Here is what we will NOT explore today: “10 Steps to Success,” “The Top 5 Winning Attitudes” or “The 7 Ways to Turn Failure Into Success.” No, today we will look at the deepest wisdom of succeeding, and you just might be surprised to find out what it is.

Talk 5 – The Wisdom of Imagination

Today, as we bring our month of “Words to the Wise” to a close, we will explore in depth the wisdom of igniting our imagination.