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October 2010 - Being the Flow of God’s Great Good

“Being the Flow of God’s Great Good” is our theme for the next five weeks. During this time, we will explore what it means to “BE the flow” -- not just to “be IN the flow,” mind you, but to “BE the flow.” There is a big difference! Each week we will focus on one of the Six Spiritual Practices that, when done together and consistently, open us up to being and experiencing God’s Great Good.

Talk 1 - Spiritual Practice 1 - Inspired Giving
Prosperity Guru Edwene Gaines always says, “If you have to eat a jar of frogs, you might as well eat the big one first.” So, that is what we will do today as we will explore our first, and sometimes most challenging, yet most liberating, concept of being the flow -- the concept of being an inspired giver.

Talk 2 - Spiritual Practice 2 – Prosperity Through Purpose
In order to “be the flow,” we must realize who we are. We must get on purpose with our lives. We must recognize that we are heirs to the Kingdom. Today, we will align with purpose. [Minister’s note: This talk incorporates a Power Point of scanned pictures from The Meaning of Life by Bradley Trevor Greive, Gift Books from Hallmark, Andrews McMeel Publishing, pp. 43 – 121]

Talk 3 - Spiritual Practice 3 - Let Go and Flow
Fall is just around the corner and the time for fall cleaning is at hand. What must be released in your consciousness in order for God’s Great Good to express in your life? Are you willing to let go and flow?

Talk 4 - Spiritual Practice 4 - The Three Tiers of Forgiveness Plus
We have all been taught that forgiveness is an imperative spiritual practice. And, it is. This morning, however, we are called to take a higher look at the idea of forgiveness as we choose to live AS God.

Talk 5 - Spiritual Practices 5 & 6 - Naming Our Good and Sticking to It!
Goals. Intentions. Measurable Outcomes. Whatever you want to call it, our fifth of six spiritual practices for living as the flow is to be clear about what it is we desire to create. And finally, our sixth Spiritual Practice to be persistent and determined, knowing that persistence and determination take us to completion. [Minister’s Note: Record a CD of prosperity affirmations and give one away of every person who has attended all 5 Sundays of the month. The script for the affirmations is part of this month’s package.]