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God Rocks

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The Gifts of the Season

November 2010 – Our Many Blessings

There is a wise Yiddish adage that says: “If we thanked God for the good things, there wouldn’t be time to weep over the bad.” During the month of November, we will fill our time with gratitude as we thank God for our many blessings and watch them increase tenfold.

Friendship Sunday, Talk 1 – The Blessing of Friendship
Science of Mind founder Dr. Ernest Holmes once wrote: We meet God every day in the rising sun, in the budding rose, in the joy of friendship and love. This morning, we celebrate meeting God in our friends as we give thanks for the great blessing of friendship. As a tribute to friendship, every friend who attends today will receive a special gift.

Talk 2 – The Blessing of Health
A vibrant, radiant, healthy body is our Divine Right. Today we acknowledge the miracle that is our human bodies, and we bless into being any aspects that may appear to be functioning less than perfectly. This will be an especially powerful service for anyone experiencing physical challenges.

Talk 3 - The Blessing of Abundance
We truly do live in an abundant universe and are richly blessed. As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we gather to acknowledge the many ways we are abundantly provided for.

Talk 4 – The Blessing of Community

Everywhere we go, we are in community. Family is community. Work is community. Church is a community. Today, we count the many blessings of being in community while supporting ways we can call forth the best from every community in which we are involved.

Monthly Affirmation:

As I celebrate all my blessings, I have little time for anything else. I am blessed. My life is blessed. All in my world is blessed!