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January 2011 – The Nuts and Bolts of Our Teaching

During the month of January, we set the tone for the year by grounding – or regrounding - ourselves in the fundamental teachings of Science of Mind/New Thought as applied to “our needs and aspirations,” to paraphrase Religious Science founder Dr. Ernest Holmes. We will do this by delving not only into The Science of Mind textbook, but also into the wisdom that Holmes offers us in four other books. And, on the final Sunday we will look at how our teachings are rooted in the Wisdom of the Ages.

Talk 1 – “This Thing Called You”
You are the only person you can ever know intimately. You are the one with whom you must live eternally. This Thing Called You is about you; it is for you and to you – and so is this Sunday service.

Talk 2 – “This Thing Called Life”
In Holmes’ classis book, This Thing Called Life, he explores the practice of faith by which we can move through life’s challenges directly, simply and effectively and create a life of abundance, health and happiness. Today, we ground ourselves in that faith.

Talk 3 – “How to Use the Science of Mind”
“The laws of nature are universal. Our use of them is individual and personal. This is the secret of spiritual mind practice,” says Holmes in How to Use the Science of Mind. Drawing from this highly practical and usable book, today’s service looks at our personal use of universal law.

Talk 4 – “Living Without Fear”
In Living Without Fear, Holmes shows us that growing from fear to freedom is absolutely possible. Today, we make freedom a reality in our lives.

Talk 5 – “The Wisdom of the Ages”
We conclude our “Nuts and Bolts” month by exploring where Ernest Holmes got some of his ideas as we look at the Wisdom of the Ages. After all, in Holmes’ own words, “The philosophy of Religious Science is nothing new to the world. It is rather a synthesis of the greatest concepts that have ever come to the mind of man.” Today, we look at some of those concepts.

Monthly Affirmation:

There is one Life. This Life is Perfect. This Life is God. This Life is my Life NOW!