Living as the Flow: Mastering Prosperity Principles

Are you looking for a NEW perspective on teaching prosperity principles wrapped up in a class that contains everything you need to teach it and yet gives you the flexibility to make it your own? “Living as the Flow: Mastering Prosperity Principles” is just that. This nine-week class, using Prosperity by Charles Fillmore and The Four Spiritual Law of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines as the texts, lays out seven Spiritual Principles and accompanying Practices to support students in opening their consciousness (and their corresponding experiences) to greater abundance.

The course is completely turnkey. It comes with:

  • Student Materials for each class
  • Separate Handouts for some classes
  • A comprehensive Instructor Manual for each class
  • A Materials/Handout Schedule
  • A “sales” description for promoting the class

Unlike some classes you may have purchased in the past, these materials are fully yours once you obtain them, so you are free to make changes to fit your particular needs, style and/or interpretation/application of spiritual principles. Thus, they are electronically delivered in Word documents so you can easily do so. To give you a taste of the class, click here for the Student Materials and Instructor Manual for Class 1.

While all of this may seem priceless, the entire package comes for the low price of only $44.99. And, should you believe your $44.99 was not well spent, we will fully, quickly and without question refund your money. So what have you got to lose?

Only $44.99! Order today:

Word on the street about this class:

“’Living as the Flow’ is a breath of fresh air for those who are looking to offer a new prosperity course. The materials are well organized and complete for both instructor and student.”

“This is a fantastic prosperity course. Dr. Michele so eloquently and clearly lays out the fundamentals to creating prosperity. Each week of this comprehensive course offers both a Prosperity Principle and Practice to stay in the current of divine flow. One of the best parts is how the principle of tithing is explained so clearly and succinctly. The section of setting goal is empowering and inspiring. Truly, this class is a spectacular, as well as effective, way to teach prosperity principles.”

“I like that texts from both Fillmore and Gaines are used. It broadens it out well. My people will love this class!”

“This curriculum is clear, detailed and excellently presented. Dr Michele has made it possible for even the most inexperienced of teachers to be a pro using all of the resources she has created.”