Millionaire Moses

From Catherine Ponder’s classic abundance book The Millionaire Moses, we offer a Sunday sermon series and a book study.

The sermon scripts for 5 Sundays and a 7-week book study Facilitator’s Guide (with supplemental handouts) is available to you for only $99. The book study created some “miraculous” abundance effects in our congregation. Read below what people had to say about their experience.

Millionaire Moses Package - $99.00

"I can't thank you enough for creating and facilitating the awesome "Millionaire Moses" book study. I had such huge demonstrations during our course. I was able to manifest my treatment for a HUGE cash amount AND I rented my other house, after being vacant for 5 months. Wow! I really loved the book study and the way you guided us through Catherine Ponder's enlightening material. I also appreciated the tools you introduced us to. Again, thank you so very, very much." -Michelle D.

"During my Year 1 Practitioner class, it became clear the one area that would still take me off center was my material/financial abundance. I was tired of having my connection to the Divine cluttered with static when the fear of lack settled into my heart and mind. So, I was definitely ready to learn some solid principles to allow me to remove these blocks to my abundance." "The Millionaire Moses book study helped me make some significant paradigm shifts to a new peace and easy surrender to the Source of ALL my abundance. I now catch myself when lack surfaces in my thoughts or experiences. I am able to wait in a calmer patience while things that need to be resolved fall into place. I worry less and pray more. I was ready to change, I asked for help and it showed up with learning and then with very significant financial demonstrations. I am practicing living one day at a time trusting that my needs will be met. And oh, how usual…they ARE! I am deeply grateful." - Claudia M.

"It may seem odd to give a testimonial for my own book study, but such powerful things occurred for me personally and for my church that I just have to share. First, I attracted a minister mentor, someone who is gifting me with her vast knowledge, experience and consciousness. Next, my personal income rose and continues to do so, and I have received a number of out-of-the-blue gifts, such as a ticket to a play I really wanted to see. Based on what we were studying in the book, I made a conscious choice to trust God to provide it, and – violá - it manifested!" "Finally, three months ago, my center was facing significant financial challenges. That has completely turned around, and we ended the last month over $4,000 in the black. These are just a few outer manifestations of the inner shifts that occurred in me personally and in my congregation because of this great book and the opportunity to deepen into it each week both on Sunday morning and in the book study." - Rev. Michele