Ministerial Coaching

We weren't meant to do life alone. Without a good team, or a good coach, we may not have the guidance or direction to be our best. It is a fact that those who are successful have coaches who challenge them, affirm they are going in the right direction, push them past their perceived limits and empower them.

Dr. Michele shares her almost 20 years of experience to uplift and empower New Thought Ministers to be the best they can be. Growing a small ministry that met in a rented strip shopping center into a thriving, dynamic community of hundreds of individuals in its own church campus has taught her lessons that can help you overcome obstacles, take your ministry to the next level and put more enthusiasm back into your ministry.

In her tenure as minister, Dr. Michele has done some things incredibly well and other things not so well, and she has combined all of her experiences to bring about a powerful expansion of her consciousness as a minister. She now is being called to bring her expertise and experience to those ministerial colleagues who desire support and coaching. Whether it is for a single issue or on an ongoing basis, Dr. Michele is available.

I always wondered why there wasn’t a mentor program in place for ministers. Of all the professions, we need it the most. New ministers starting a church need guidance and direction and those who have been at it for some time can feel lonely and isolated at times. Rev. Michele was an answered prayer for me. Not only is she open and honest, she is an amazing listener, very intelligent and has an innate ability to truly understand how you feel. She is passionate about producing results and filled with suggestions and examples to help you do just that. By coaching with her, I feel like I have a partner who is objective, in Principle and willing to do anything to make it all work. It is rare to find someone who is empowering and supportive with no ego investment. Rev. Michele is a rare treasure. Rev. Pam, California

I highly recommend Dr. Michele as a coach/mentor. I have received coaching from her for several years now. She lovingly and yet firmly has guided me through some very challenging times, and I now am experiencing a successful and fulfilling ministry that I know is transforming lives. Michele has a great combination of elegance, knowledge, skill, experience, and lots of tried and true resources and methods for building a strong and powerful ministry. Rev. Dr. Kathleen, Delaware

Coaching Fee Options

Single Session - $150

3-Session Package - $405

6-Session Package - $720