Annual Sermon Support

12 Months - $499.00

For less than the price of a movie date per week, you will receive 12 months of fully crafted sermons centered around monthly themes. The messages are deeply moving, well researched and completely compatible with our New Thought teachings. In addition to the messages, you will receive music recommendations, video links, templates/samples of handouts and special instructions for anything out of the ordinary for that message.

What you receive is not intended to be used verbatim, but to provide you with a jumpstart to your sermon preparation and to be supportive of your own “Divine Uploads.” It will, however, give you back hours a week of research and preparation.

You can order all 12 months at once, or receive them throughout the year -- whatever works best for you. The delivery system is easy and efficient. You simply go to the Archived Themes page on this website and select the month/year/theme you want. Let Rev. Michele know your order via email and within 24 hours (more often, within a few hours), you will receive everything you ordered in your inbox. The documents will be in “Word” format so you can easily modify as you wish and cut and paste them into your own thoughts and ideas.

With this order, you will also receive access to Leadership Guide “white papers” to support you and your ministry, holiday services templates and a special, surprise thank you gift!

If you are seeking a fresh, new flow of ideas, insights and inspiration for not only your Sunday talks, but for your ministry in general, New Thought Seed Thoughts will provide the nourishment your soul is looking for. And, of course, the client list for these services is completely confidential.

Monthly Sermon Subscription

Subscription Fee - $45/Month

If you would like to receive the identical services the “Annual Sermon Support” package provides but on a monthly rather than an annual basis, this option is perfect for you.

To take advantage of this low-cost and easy way of receiving monthly sermon support and all of the valuable add-ons, simply authorize New Thought Seed Thoughts to automatically charge $45 per month to the credit or debit card of your choice. You may cancel your subscription at any time. All we ask is that you give us 30 days’ notice.

Each month, you will go to the Archived Themes page on this website and select the month/year/theme you want, let Rev. Michele know and within 24 hours (more often within a few hours), you will receive an email with all you need for that month.

This is a win-win way of receiving outrageous support for you and your ministry in a most economical way. And, remember, the client list for these services is completely confidential.

Take advantage today!

1 Month Purchase

1 Month Purchase - $59.00

Choose which month of New Thought Seed Thoughts you'd like to try and see how much time and energy you save. View Archived Monthly Themes here.

Click on the "Buy Now" button below and, at the end of your purchase, you will be asked which month and year you wish to receive under the title of "Special instructions." It's an easy way to try New Thought Seed Thoughts.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions, clarification or other options you may desire.