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Support for New Thought Ministers

Are you a brand new minister or have you been in the pulpit so long that you're running a little dry and need a spark - or do you just need to spend more time on other duties that are taking a back seat to crafting your weekly message?

New Thought Seed Thoughts may be just the inspiration and time saver that you're looking for. Dr. Michele has created a myriad of products and services to support you and your ministry.  From original sermons with all the ingredients needed but your own Divine Downloads to special programs to one-on-one coaching, NTST is here to serve you so that you can serve your ministry!

Monthly Themed Sermons

For less than the price of a movie date per week you can get fully crafted sermons centered around monthly themes. The messages are deeply moving, well researched and completely compatible with our New Thought teachings. In addition to the messages, you receive music recommendations, video links, templates/samples of handouts and special instructions for anything out of the ordinary for that message.

What you receive is not intended to be used verbatim, but to provide you with a jumpstart to your sermon preparation and to be supportive of your own “Divine Uploads.” It will, however, give you back hours a week of research and preparation.

Go here to see over nine years of themes available and download a sample message here to get a flavor of what you would receive as a subscriber. Each message is in a Word file, which allows you to cut, paste or alter the contents to your specific purpose.

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Sign up here for a free gift of jokes and stories. Listed by topic, this gift can be extremely useful in crafting your next talk. An essential element of influential and memorable talks are the illustrations that help make your point. This is a perfect addition to your library of references. Learn more here...

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Friendship Month Campaign

Friendship Month Campaign is a proven way to inspire your congregation, grow your Sunday attendance and increase your tithes.

This is dynamic and powerful program was extraordinarily successful at our church and it can now be yours! We have created a step-by-step guide for creating a Friendship Month at your own center.  It is both easy to use and completely ready for your success. Learn more here...

One-On-One Ministerial Coaching

Without a good team, or a good coach, we may not have the guidance or direction to be our best. Dr. Michele shares her decades of experience to uplift and empower New Thought Ministers to be the best they can be. She provides expertise and experience to those ministerial colleagues who desire support and coaching. Whether it is for a single issue or on an ongoing basis. All sessions are 50 minutes and will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient. Learn more here...

Spiritual Growth Circles Program

Spiritual Growth Circles are safe and sacred groups that meet weekly to discuss the spiritual principles and practices from your previous Sunday’s message. Individual spiritual growth happens, deep bonds form among the participants, and ties to the church community strengthen, all of which result in church growth! Read more here...

October, 2014

October 2014 Theme – Go Up, Then Out

In our action-oriented society, we can often move into “doing” before we anchor ourselves in Source and in the Divine Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance of Source that lives within us. We can often become so outer-driven that we forget first to be inner/upward-directed. But Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind tells us, “. . . the control of affairs is from within out and not from without” OR Charles Fillmore tells us in Talks on Truth, “[our] . . . external, striving, wandering must stop its restless seeking without, and repose at the center.” Each week this month, we take the time to go IN and UP to the Source of our Being before we move OUT into action.

October 2014, Talk 1 - “Seven Up, Part I”
Today, we set the stage for our month by exploring three and a half of seven upward ideas (Lift Up, Look Up, Lighten Up and a little bit of Make It Up) that will cause tremendous inner movement and support the outward expression of Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance in our lives. This will truly be an UP-lifting experience, so be sure to be with us!

October 2014, Talk 2 - “Seven Up, Part II”
Continuing the journey of causing inner movement that supports the outward expression of the life we desire, today we finish our “Seven Up” series as we Make It Up, Kick It Up, Give It Up and Start It Up. Between this week and last, you will have the complete package!
[MINISTERS’ NOTE: As giveaways during the review portion of this talk, get 4 cans of 7 Up and tie a card listing all of the 7 Ups to the flip tab of each can.]

October 2014, Talk 3 – “Up, Up and Away”
It is when we first choose to go up (as we’ve done for the past two weeks) and then send away that which no longer serves that we can truly soar in the beautiful balloon of life in which we are meant to ride. Did you catch the references to a 1967 Grammy-winning song? If not, come and learn what it is while being profoundly moved. If so, come and celebrate your 60’s music savvy and be profoundly moved! Either way, it will be a morning to remember.
[MINISTERS’ NOTE: Select something out of your bookstore to use as a giveaway during the review portion of this service.]

October 2014, Talk 4 - “Is It Really Up to Me?”
Robert Schuller once wrote a book entitled, “If It’s Going to Be, It’s Up to Me.” Our question of the day is, “Is it really only up to me?” In answering that question, we will unravel a seeming paradox of our New Thought teachings after which we will engage in a sacred ceremony to anchor going in and up before going out.

Monthly Affirmation
I consciously choose to turn within and go up to the Source of Divine Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance before moving out into the world!